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Gain Confidence, Get Fit, and Learn Self-Defense in a Safe, Supportive Setting

Seminars / Courses

Train in person with the helpful FSD instructors.

Online Courses

Prefer learning at home? Check out our online courses!

Private Classes

Prefer private or semi-private training? Check out these classes.

Business Courses

Build cohesion and add value for your team in any workplace.

Be safer at work, at home, or when you travel.

Learn to protect yourself in almost any situation. Whether you learn best through group training, private lessons, women only classes, or corporate training, we offer courses to meet your needs.

FSD is dedicated to providing safe, supportive personal protection and self-defense courses. James Fries, our lead instructor, has been studying and teaching martial arts and defensive tactics with other world class experts for over 35 years.

James Fries

Instructor And Founder

Committed to your Safety for work, home or travel.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – All our courses include a 30-day money back guarantee. Some conditions apply, contact us for more information.

Self-Defense in
the Workplace

Business and Corporate training for workplace safety, confidence and team building.

Personal Self Defense

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced tactician, FSD provides training to help you improve.

Travel Safety

Improve your personal safety and reduce your exposure to risk to while traveling.

Women’s Self Defense

Get empowered with women-only seminars and online courses.

FSD-Nation Online Membership

A different approach to online courses

We teach with your needs in mind, in safe, supportive settings. You’ll learn self-defense tactics that really work in real-life situations and techniques that are proven and effective.

Experience simulated conflict scenarios that mimic actual encounters, then test your newly acquired skills at the end of each course.

Training Basics

Learn or re-learn your fundamentals to build a solid foundation for your personal safety.

Functional Training

Build muscle memory, endurance and coordination. Train for speed, timing and distance management.

Hard Skills & Tactics

You can’t always avoid conflict. Learn the hard skills and tactics you need to execute without hesitation when you need to protect yourself and your family.


Awareness is the most important element in self-defense. Learn situational awareness and strategic decision making.

Seminars &

Whether you learn best solo, in a small group, or along with your business or corporate team, there’s an FSD course or seminar for you.

FSD – Instructor Certification Program

Ready to become a certified self-defense instructor? Want to go to the next level with your personal defense training? Become an FSD certified self-defense instructor and help your community become safer! Space is limited in FSD certification courses, so contact us today for more information!

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