Private Classes

Learn how you or a group can book to train in an open and inclusive environment with FSD

Private & Semi-private training is designed for you

We will customize your training to suit your specific needs and requirements. Training can be geared towards any industry including health care, security, law enforcement or personal progression for yourself. We look at all aspects and details of your current training to help you improve skills so that you are more effective at what you do, or if you have never trained we will teach you the skills you need to stay safe and survive in different environments.

Semi-private training

Semi-private training is a great way to expand skills and knowledge with a friend, family member or possibly  someone you work with. Maybe you would like to learn how to make your family the perfect team and be able to protect each other through awareness and physical skills. We are here to help and take you that next level.

Privates can be specific to:

Hand to hand

Learn effective hand to hand defense techniques that get you free and safe from danger.

Professional De-escalation

Customized programs teaching control of potentially volitile situations for the highest probability of safe outcomes.


Weapons defense training to control dangerous situations and neutralize threats from different weapons.

Scenario training / testing

Scenario and Situational training for individuals and groups.

Educational learning on Specific topics

Customized educational packages a programs for specific needs.

Functional Training & Technique

Functional Training and Drills for fundimentals of proper techique.

And much more…

These Private Classes
are designed for you.