FSD | Instructor Certifications

Are you looking to become an FSD certified Self Defense Instructor & help your community become safer? Full Spectrum Defense is now offering a limited number of certifications to continue growing our community.

Are you looking to become a Full Spectrum Defense certified Self Defense Instructor & help your community become safer? We are now offering a limited number of certifications to continue growing our community. Become a personal safety / self defense instructor now! Our programming can be tied into your current programming and will only add value and integrity to your current offerings.

When you join our team you automatically become a member of FSD Nation. FSD Nation offers a full-on demand video catalogue where we will be adding more videos on training each month. Monthly FSD nation online seminars will be educational and interactive.

FSD instructors need to meet our training standards and qualifications.

When you become part of our team we will help you succeed in every way possible. Our team of trainers will teach you everything you need to know to become successful. Certifications take place over a 2-3 day period where you will learn how to teach our courses through hands-on and educational learning. Learning is done in our facility or yours. We provide all the training equipment needed so you can see how courses run from beginning to end. You will be tested in all areas of the courses you are certified to teach.

Certifications are hands-on and must be done in person at our facility or yours.
Please reach out for more information on how to certify

Who this course is for:

  • Website access for promoting upcoming courses in your territory or region on our Website.
  • Your certification and profile posted on our Website
  • Territory or regional license exclusivity
  • FSD clothing & merchandise are available for purchase or resale.
  • Access to seminars from our head instructors on specific training topics
  • Course certification certificate
  • Yearly re-certification / licensing

For more information on pricing and certification availability please contact:


  • Students must provide a clean police background check
  • Access to online training
  • Be physically able to train
  • High energy
  • Positive Attitude
  • Open-minded and willing to learn new material
  • Check the website or call us for our next certification date(s)

What you will learn:

  • How to become an effective FSD Instructor.
  • How to adapt and handle questions from participants.
  • Teaching techniques taught in our courses.
  • Overcoming adversity within the course.
  • How to use the Self Defence Suit.
  • Teaching techniques in small group settings.
  • ¬†How to properly use the equipment for courses or private lessons.
  • ¬†Learn the FSD policies, procedures and teaching standards that must be followed by all Instructors.