Training Basics | Front Kicks

In this course you will learn how to properly do a front kick in different variations and drills. Our video series will help set you up for more training in our courses when we will be using multiple techniques in different drills and scenarios.

Training Basics | Footwork

This footwork video works on drilling the previous footwork videos to help get them engrained into your training for more advanced training. Learn the basics of movement in a drill format.

Functional Training | Basic Drills

2-person drill describing and demonstrating how to properly use an elbow with moving out of the way of a strike or grab. This drill shows how to close the gap between 2 different ranges of defense and how to effectively strike at a closer range.

Hard Skills | Defending Against a Tackle

This course breaks down how to defend against an aggressor trying to tackle you to the ground. This video provides a perspective on three distinct levels and situations. Each situation requires a different response.

Training Basics | Punching

Learn the basics of punching so that you can punch using the correct fundamental techniques.

Hard Skills | Haymaker Punch Defense

This course is a breakdown of how to defend against a typical haymaker punch. Watch and learn from the breakdown and then practice.

Hard Skills | Basic Punching

In this series of videos you will learn how to hold focus mitts properly and learn basic punching technique and combinations.

Women’s Self Defense | Basics

A video series showing and reviewing the steps taught in our Level I women’s self-defense course.

Training Basics | Ground Defense

This course will focus on basic ground escapes and defense while you are on the ground. Getting back to your feet as quickly as possible while defending against any harm is the key.

The Awareness of Self Defense Online Learning Course

This course is designed to educate you to help you better understand awareness from a self defense vantage point.