Women’s Level 1 Self Defense Course

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July 20, 2024

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10:00 am

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Full Spectrum Defense

Join our 4-hour women’s level 1 self-defense course designed exclusively for women aged 12 & up. Gain essential skills to defend against common attacks, enhance situational awareness, and receive a course certificate upon completion.
Unlock Your Self-Defense Potential: Understand The Most Common Attacks
Prepare for the unexpected with our 4-hour self-defense course, tailored for women aged 12 and up. Dive into the world of self-protection, acquire invaluable skills, and ensure your safety. Here’s what this empowering course offers:

1. Defend Against 5 Common Attacks

  • Learn to address and identify the 5 most frequent attacks women encounter with practical techniques.

2. Create Safety Space

  • Discover proven strategies to defend against threats and create a safe zone for yourself.

3. Fundamental Self-Defense Skills

  • Equip yourself with the basics of self-defense, an essential life skill everyone should possess.

4. Empowerment for Women

  • This course is exclusively designed for women, addressing their unique self-defense needs.

5. Hands-On Learning

  • Experience interactive training over a 4-hour period, perfect for hands-on learners.

6. Enhance Situational Awareness

  • Master the E.A.A.R.D.S ™ principles to sharpen your situational awareness skills throughout the course.

7. Proven Techniques and Methods

  • Learn tried-and-true methods to create escape opportunities and ensure your safety.

8. Fear Management and More

  • Explore crucial topics like fear management, predator behavior, body language, mental well-being, and environmental assessments.

9. Real-Life Scenarios

  • Put your newfound skills to the test in practical, real-life scenarios during the course.

10. Spartan Training Suit Experience – Elevate your training with the Spartan Training Suit, providing a realistic, immersive learning experience.

Course Topics Include:

  • Defending Against Common Attacks
  • Effective Space Creation Techniques
  • Basic Ground Defense and Recovery
  • Handling Altercations with Multiple Individuals (3rd Party Tactics)
  • Dealing with Weapons and Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Final Scenario Training and Evaluation

Course Certificate

  • Receive a course certificate upon completing this empowering self-defense journey.

Age is no barrier to personal safety. Enroll now in our “Women’s Self-Defense: Learn to Defend Against Common Attacks” course and take the first step toward becoming your own protector. Your safety, your empowerment, your life—it all starts here.

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  • July 20, 2024 10:00 am   -   2:00 pm
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