Security & Law Enforcement

Would you like to enhance your soft handed liability conscious skills for your career or job? Full Spectrum Defense is here to help. Today’s growing job demands with an increase in mental health and unstable society places new demands on anyone in this field of training. Our goal is to be able to enhance and expand on current skills already in place. Our training can be customized specifically to what you or your company does.

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Courses and training can be customized to teach you how to deal a number of topics including: Verbal diffusion, 3rd party conflicts, one to one defense, weapons, ground defense and much more. Our training will enhance your ability to help identify and deal with different levels or threat. Learn how effectively secure and maintain aggressive and violent perpetrators. We work on team and single person defensive tactic skills. Our training background comes from law enforcement and the private security industry. Our skills that will keep you and your subject secure and safe.

Today’s law enforcement and security must know be able to apply verbal diffusion, body positioning and proper hands at moments notice. All courses are customized for length of training and content specific to your industry needs. Please contact us to get more details on what we can offer. All courses end with live scenario training based on real life cases.