Women’s Self Defense Level 1


Recommended pre-requisite – The Awareness of Self Defense online course

For ages: 12 & up with adult permission

This 4 hour course focuses on situational awareness and the 5 most common attacks that women encounter. You will learn how to defend against them and create space to get to safety. This is your basic first aid course to self defense – everyone should have it!

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This course is specific to women.

Learn the 5 most statistically common attacks towards women. This course is hands on over a 4-hour period. All our courses focus on situational awareness.

You will learn to apply proven techniques and methods to help create windows of escape to help you get to safety. Discussion topics include fear management, predator actions, identifying different types of body language, mental health, environmental assessments and much more. All courses finish with hands on scenarios to put to test what was learned in the course. We introduce the Spartan Training Suit so you can test your skills to the test.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Learn to defend against the 5 most common attacks
  • Learn how to create Space using proven techniques and theories
  • Learn basic ground defense and how to safely get back to your feet
  • Learn and discuss options for altercations with 2 or more people (3rd party tactics)
  • Discuss weapons & active shooter Final Scenario training and testing