Men’s Hard Skills Tactics Course


4 hour course length

Pre-requisite – The awareness of self defense is suggested

This 4-hour course trains you to create predictable outcomes in violent and non-violent situations. The course is offered for men Only. These courses are based on statistical evidence for violence against men. Learn how to protect yourself or a loved one in a potentially harmful situation. Learn and apply our E.A.R.R.D.S™ principles throughout the course. For ages 14 & up.

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Our men’s hard skills tactics course is built around statistical attacks that happen to men. Awareness is key to help navigate through dangerous situations. We introduce everyone to our E.A.A.R.D.S principles and use this acronym throughout the course.

This course will teach you that and the hands-on skills to back it up if needed. Whether you are protecting someone in distress or yourself the skills taught will help create distance so you can get to yourself or someone else to safety. The level I course introduces topics such as proper body positioning, Verbal and physical response tactics, mental health characteristics, aggressor body language, how to create effective space, level of threat management and much more. All scenarios introduced are tested and worked on using specific drills to help reinforce movements that are easy to remember and perform. Final testing is done using our Spartan training suits.

Topics covered & Trained:

  • Learn defenses against the 5 most common male attacks
  • Learn proper body positioning in relation to an aggressor
  • Learn about situational & environmental awareness
  • Learn about aggressor characteristics
  • Learn basic ground defense and how to get back to your feet
  • Learn and discus how to protect a family member or someone in danger
  • Learn and discuss weapon attacks including active shooter

All participants receive a certificate upon completion.