Women’s Self Defense Level II


Pre-requisite – level 1 Women’s self defense

Our level II women’s course will reinforce the skills learned Level I with more advanced techniques and drills. The level II course introduces new scenarios for training, discussion, and testing. Learn simple and effective techniques against common weapon attacks and more! The Spartan Training suit will be used throughout this course. Get ready to take your training to the next level – we promise!

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This course is 3 hours in length. Level II will help advance your basic training learned in level I to a new level of performance and confidence.

This course focuses on reinforcing the same common attacks that were taught in the first course except now the levels of threat are heightened. Training introduces NEW scenarios and more intensity to reinforce creating space to escape. Techniques will be tested using the Spartan Training suits. The level II course we will introduce some more advanced weapon defenses against the knife or stick with the focus being on creating windows of escape and not focused on disarms. As each new scenario is introduced it will be worked on through discussion and then applied with hands on training to ensure everyone understands what their options are and how to respond accordingly to each level of threat introduced. All participants receive a certificate upon completion.