Workplace and Family Defense


Course length: 4 hours

Would you know what to do if you saw someone in trouble that could not protect themselves? Or even worse, what if it was someone you loved? This course deals with helping those who cannot help themselves. We will teach you how to effectively separate 2 people safely with your own personal safety in mind. All techniques are taught with liability in mind for you and the people you are engaging with.

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3rd party tactics are an important skill set if you were ever wanted to learn how to separate 2 people safely. We will teach you the skills of entry, awareness and proper separation techniques that will work for anyone including law enforcement and security. The techniques taught in this course are liability conscious for you and the aggressor. There are no kicks or punches in this course, they are not needed for this type of training. We will teach verbal diffusion skills and the physical soft handed skills to help resolve these types of situations. Scenarios will be discussed, trained, and tested at different threat levels. The use of the Spartan training suit will be used in some scenarios.

What you will learn:

  • Effective situational and environmental awareness
  • Techniques for entry into 3rd party situations
  • Escorting techniques for exit and for secure and maintain (law enforcement / security only)
  • Weapons retention (law enforcement / security only)
  • 3rd party weapon disarms (discussion / training)
  • Effective threat management
  • Mental health assessments
  • Certificate upon completion